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iToucan is involved in the installation of VoIP, Digital Signage as well as consulting in the design and
manufacture of mechanical devices and equipment.

iToucan consulting and support team is ready to respond to customers every 24 hours.
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Over 95%
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  • Our company was formed in May of 2014 by Mohammad Abdollahzade, and given the name of “The Design Group” with the philosophy of combining all of the talents of our team members to form an experienced group of engineers and designers. Each member would bring their own area of expertise to the table. By creating diversity within our team and our services, we are better able to serve our clients needs. The Design Group, Inc. provides Mechanical Engineering Design Services. We are a highly skilled and experienced team of responsible people that are available to promptly meet your schedule with careful attention to detail. Our team is always looking for unique projects on which to apply our innovative and creative engineering and design talents. The Design Group, Inc. provides a wide range of mechanical engineering and design services to its clients.

    • Design plastic injection molding
    • Specialized mechanical systems used in industrial applications
    • Mechanical Design
    • Cost Estimating and Analysis
    • Maintenance and Operations Analysis
    • Bidding / Negotiations
    • Construction Documents and Administration
    • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems
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  • We provide personalized and flexible solutions that include video walls, LEDs, interactive kiosks, wayfinding systems, payment solutions, audience measurement technology and much more!

    • Video Walls
    • LED Signage
    • Digital Menu Boards
    • Interactive Digital Kiosks
    • Wayfinding Solutions
    • Digital Directories
    • Corporate Digital Signage
    • Digital Content Creation
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  • VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is technology for delivering voice and other forms of communication over an Internet Protocol or IP. VoIP providers offer communications services that the business world relies on for collaboration. Typically, phone, video conferencing, and live chat are conducted on the VoIP platform, without assistance from the public switched telephone network (PSTN). There are also hybrid solutions that combine VoIP with PSTN.

    • Hosted PBX
    • Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    • User templates
    • Call reports
    • Directory of employee names
    • Answering rules
    • Call recording
    • Call park
    • Call screening
    • Message alerts
    • Video conferencing
    • Audio conferencing
    • Mobile app for iOS
    • Mobile app for Android
    • Integration with contact & customer information systems (e.g., CRM, Outlook, etc)
    • Internet faxing
    • Ring group (splitting calls or rotating them within a group of employees)
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"iToucan is now specialized in the field of mechanics, VoIP and Digital Signage with a strong track record."